With an efficient hardware and software R&D team, we are committed to the design, development and manufacture of IoT terminals;
Software development for mobile carriers. Our mobile device software development, data analysis, and algorithm design team, as well as cloud platform services passing financial technology certification are ahead of the market.

Those who want to be a strategic partner of our KARDI and Purus technology or our terminal equipment distributors, and those who interested in software development service, IoT solutions, or channel cooperation, please feel free to contact us.

KARDI Telematics Service Platform

PURUS Purification Technology IoT

KARDI Intelligent Telematics

We launched the first-ever UBI policy IoT service on the market

Car distributors

KARDI DMS (IoV mobile terminal management system) enables car distributors to quickly implement an IoV tailored for Taiwanese distributors so as to realize remote vehicle service management, distance vehicle condition diagnosis, vehicle condition data reading and analysis, pre-sale and aftermarket service IoT, driving behavior data collection, etc.

Insurance company

We launched the first-ever UBI policy IoT service on the market and provide insurance companies with UBI business model consultation service/planning service/system implementation/ infrastructure modules. In addition, we provide remote equipment management, driving behavior data collection and analysis, and car owner SNS design services through the KARDI platform big data analysis platform in order to help insurance companies to quickly implement UBI service.

O2O platform cooperation

Through cooperation with the world-leading GIS information supplier HERE, we provide the professional, localized, everyday life navigation app as the service portal; offer car owners classified POI information search and on-line restaurant/hotel/ entertainment booking services; and voluntarily recommend stores with discounts and distribute coupons to realize the O2O business model on all types of stores.

Auto Service

The KARDI OBD2 analysis model and DMS we developed can help you enhance customer adhesion and customer satisfaction in auto service by turning passive customer visits into voluntary customer visits through active service recommendations.

PURUS Purification Technology IoT

Clean air all the way through

LoRa Alliance

Provides the LoRa IoT application and service shared platform, integrates low power consumption transmission technology and big data analysis platform, and offers one-stop shopping service to shorten the launch cycle of all kinds of IoT products.

Sensor network

Air sensor module designed and made in Taiwan with accurate measurement and quality assurance. It supports all kinds of air-quality-related products and quick implementation of mobile service and data analysis.

Product cooperation

Our worldwide patented electrostatic precipitator module can effectively attack PM2.5, mites, pollens, viruses, and mold sporesi. The Purus Air technology can be used on all types of home appliances and HAVC systems, and quick implementation of mobile service and data analysis to enhance the functionality of existing products.

Distributor contact

Since the Purus was launched; it has been reported by over a dozen local media and more than twenty newspapers and magazines for its patented technology and design concepts. It has also become a bestseller on the pharmacy channel for its effective solution of PM2.5 pollution, as witnessed by over one million dollar sales in only one month. With its market popularity, Purus will continue to launch air purifiers for different spaces. Taiwan distributors and worldwide dealers and agents are welcome to contact us for more information.

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