3D Landmark Icon

Identify routes more clearly with 3D building icons.

Multiple and multipoint route planning

Recommendations for each route

Weekly update of GIS data across Taiwan with 100% coverage

Multiple routes planning for seamless connection of transportation and walking.

Core R&D technology from world-leading GIS data supplier HERE guarantees accurate traffic information.

Instant operation with user-friendly interfaces for easiest use.

Schedule reminder actively informs destination-specific estimated departure time (ETD).

Smooth switch between 2D and 3D for live navigation effect.

Perfect color scheme soothes vision.

Unlimited benefits from member events every month.


Speed limit reminder and speed camera detection save money for you.


Uninterrupted services from offline Taiwan map download and offline voice guide.


Over 300,000 POIs for you see sights across Taiwan.


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Brand-new Version KARDI NAVI Smart Navigator

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More Flexible!
Supports multi destinations planning with new features including High-occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/Recommended Routes/Shorter Time/Shorter Distance routes and other latest features.

More Localized!
Brand-new Chinese address search, speed limit, speeding reminder, speeding camera reminder

More Personalized!
Integrates schedule events and actively informs destination-specific ETD.

More Convenient!
Offline map download and offline voice guide ensure uninterrupted service.

More benefits!
Exclusive member benefits!

How to update GIS information?
GIS information will be automatically updated over the cloud. Users can use the latest and most accurate GIS information without additional operation.
When I am on a business trip or travel overseas, can I view the local map or use the KARDI NAVI?
Currently, the map and navigation service is available only in Taiwan.