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Born for IoT and Recycling

TransIOT was established in 2015. Most members of the management team come from the IoT Business Unit of the Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group. It is a re-invested IoT/IoV enterprise of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology’s eight smart lifestyles.

Trans-iot.com is made for IoT and recycling.
Therefore, the company name TransIOT is coined by combining transformation-transition and IoT.

People often indulge in the beauty and pleasure of the yester-world and yester-things. Therefore, how to extract their value, preserve the beauty of the yester-world, and inject the appropriate parts into the elements of the IoT through transformation, transition, and change is not only the core value but also the core technology of TransIOT!

Realizing Smart Life with Hard and Soft Mobile Power

The professional software R&D team of TransIOT specializes in the development and operation of cloud smart platforms. Through in-depth cooperation with the Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, we are equipped with powerful terminal hardware manufacturing capacity. Together with the mobile broadband network resources through strategic cooperation with telecommunication operators, we are confident to provide consumers with IoT products and services complying with security, energy efficiency, and smart benefits to enrich the beautiful life of humankind.

From Eco-Friendliness to Beautiful Life

As an enterprise “aiming to develop smart technology for linking people and things”, TransIOT cares about the interaction and emotions among people and respects and cherishes people and things. Therefore, we will implement our corporate social responsibility in terms of the following two main themes:

★Eco-Friendliness: Let’s begin with parts and manufacture
 ■ All electronic devices and products comply with RoHS to avoid hazardous substances. (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive is an environmental directive passed by the EU in February 2003 and taken effect as of 1 July 2006 to specify the materials and technical standard of electronic products.)
 ■ We use only decomposable or recyclable packaging materials for our products to reduce environmental load.
 ■ We print with soy ink to reduce environmental pollution and facilitate paper recycling.

★Social Engagement: Let’s start from love and the common good
 ■  Help and care for vulnerable groups
 ■  Contribution with a fixed proportion of profit.

With you, TransIOT becomes brighter!

Since our establishment, we have met many friendly media. Thank you so much. With you, TransIOT becomes brighter!


IoT: The next big thing is now!

At TransIOT, nothing is impossible!
At TransIOT, we value team communication to reach a consensus for creating synergies.
At TransIOT, we prefer creativity storming and believe there are always better things ahead.
At TransIOT, we respect expertise and everyone’s opinions.
At TransIOT, we have lots of little fortunes and wish to become a happy enterprise.
At TransIOT, we keep making innovation and marching toward the top.

We firmly believe that great technology never comes from nothing but from demands!
When everything in the world is connected and IoT becomes part of everyday life, happy and sensible smart life begins!

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